Research and Development


Research and Development is a priority for A.W.P.

All our products and technologies are developed and tested by

(Oakland-Nebraska- USA), USA-FDA Authorized Test Center.

  • Serves as a consultant helping manufacturers of animal health pharmaceuticals and vaccines to improve the health of food animals and increase the safety of the food supply
  • GLP/VICH certified
  • Allowed to conduce disease challenge (HEPA filtered 
facilities) both in vitro and in vivo large scale studies
  • Animal handling equipment utilized provides safety humane movement and restraint of the animals.


2- University and accreditate research center around the world.

A.W.P., pursuant to the guidelines of the main European and International pharmacopoeias, uses essential oils to prepare its formulae. The phytonatural substance contained therein, belong to vegetal resources, have several protective qualities, including anti-oxidant capacity, modulation of the enzyme activity, prevention of the growth of pathogen bacteria.

Commercial formulae combine neutraceutical activity, excellent tastiness favouring the ingestion of fodder and maximizing the growth of animal while ensuring their well-being.

For MICROENCAPSULATION purpose, A.W.P. uses the ultrasound system which ensures the perfect protection of essential oils thanks to an ad-hoc designed matrix. The encapsulation allows maintaining the stability of products during treatment processes and bypassing the stomach to make the product available where its action is necessary.