Research & Development

Research and Development is a priority for A.W.P.

Have been and are our priority: this is one of the key of Mix-Oil® success.

All our products and technologies are developed and tested:

– in the most experienced universities all over the world

– in specialized research centres

– by our technicians/veterinarians in various field tests worldwide

Know how & technology of Production

Our multi-year experiences in this sector have created an important know-how which allowed us to customize some equipment of the entire production process chain to obtain highly pure and functional molecules.

Molecular extraction

Molecules splitting

Molecular crystallization

Maturation of molecules

Vacuum packed of the finished product

Our International certifications:

ISO 9001

ISO 22.000






We believe it is necessary to feed animals by respecting their wellbeing and this is essential not only for themselves but also for all of us.In these years, AWP has regarded as a matter of priority investing in the development of products which could be functional and, at the same time, respectful of the animal wellbeing, in terms of naturalness and quality.

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We're Here Whenever You Need Us

We're Here Whenever You Need Us