About Us

About Us

A pioneer from the earliest days on essential oils , we are one of the world’s innovative leading suppliers of feed additive to the global feed industry. We are successful on animal nutrition because we provide to our customers,sustainable products / solutions that help them to face the market request of the global market, enhancing profits.



Our Mission

Develop healthy/sustainable/functional products for improve the food quality and environmentally friendly.



Our Vision

Improving health, feeding a growing population, feeding more animals for the growing global demand, respecting the planet‘s

resources and environment.




A.W.P. invests a lot for maintaining at the top level the manufacturing facilities and conducts rigorous quality assurance testing of incoming and outgoing material- products.


Our International certifications:


ISO 9001:2008


NOP ( Natural Organic Program )




Trust and satisfaction of our customers are our main priority because we believe that “People buy from People”.

Is a pleasure for A.W.P. give to the customers:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Flexibility

We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships based on mutual respect, loyalty and honesty.