Mix Oil ® world

Mix Oil ® world


mixoilMix-Oil is a highly concentrated mix of essential oils designed and created for all farm animals and pets and may be considered a functional feed additive since not only it improves the taste of food, but also naturally works as a digestive and stimulant. Mix-Oil exploits the characteristics and synergies of all its components to improve the performance and health of animals.

The main actions of essential oils included in Mix-Oil are represented by their antioxidant action and the immuno stimulation . Several tests carried out on different animal species proved that Mix-Oil is an effective substitute of grow-promoting antibiotics and strengthens the immune system. The technology used to produce Mix-Oil ensures a product which is very safe and in accordance with EC directive and with GRAS from USA-FDA

Mix-Oil ® is available in different formulations:

  • Mix Oil ® powder
  • Mix Oil ® liquid
  • Mix Oil ® micro-encapsulate





Mix Oil ® Powder-mint

Mix Oil ® Liquid

AirOil ( for treat respiratory disease )

ImmunOil ( immunostimulator)

CoxxOil ( control coccidiosis )

MulOx ( mucolitic )

GrowNat ( performance enhancer )


Mix Oil ® Powder Cocco

Mix Oil ® Liquid

Dolce ( natural sweetener )

Nectar ( strengthen)

Remedy ( control diarrhea)



Mix Oil ® Powder – apple

Mix Oil ® Liquid – apple

Breath Max ( Respiratory Acting)

Nat Power ( extra power)

Beef Dairy Cattle

Mix Oil ® Powder dairy

Mix Oil ® Liquid

Remedy ( control diarrhea)

Must II powder (control somatic cell)

Pet Food

Mix Oil ® powder Special

Mix Oil ® liquid pets

Flavours/Palatants :
– Beef EU
– Bacon
– Roast chicken
– Tirol
– Fish EU
– Garlic EX 2



PreNat Liquid ( natural antioxidant )

PreNat Powder ( natural antioxidant )


Mycotoxin binder

Toxinfibre ( high absorption of Ochratoxin A, Zearalenon , B1 )

Vegetable Pellet Feed ( palatability enhancer )